2014 Jewelers for Kids: Ring of Strength Tour

May 30th, 2014 @   - 

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Jewelers for Children, the industry organization of jewelry retailers, manufacturers, watch companies and trade associations, is the leading private supporter of the National CASA Association and its member programs. Through its Champions for Abused Children initiative, JFC has significantly advanced National CASA’s vision of providing a CASA volunteer for every abused and neglected child who needs one. The initiative also provides opportunities for jewelry industry members to volunteer to help children.

In 2014, Jewelers for Children continues its eleven year partnership with National CASA with a $600,000 contribution in support of abused and neglected children throughout the country. This generous gift is passed through to local CASA programs across the country to support the Champions for Abused Children grant initiative.

Eighteen local CASA volunteers and the Honorable Judge Sullivan walked and cycled in the early morning hours of May 30th to participate in the Jewelers for Children First Annual Rings of Strength Tour. JFC was founded with a mission to help children in need and they donate to programs that benefit children whose lives have been affected by illness, abuse and neglect.